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What do I have that the others don't?

That is probably the question you are asking yourselves right now. My answer is quite simple. NOTHING. You wonder about this answer? Every photographer you have looked at so far has aroused your interest in some way, you like him/her, it all depends on nuances. And exactly these nuances decide whether I fit to you. But you will only see these little things when you get to know me personally (or via Skype). We talk to each other and get to know each other – a relationship develops between all my bridal couples and me, a personal one at that. On the day of your wedding I don’t want to be perceived as a service provider but to be integrated into society and be a friend, companion and helper. I am here for you in all questions. You can always call me, write to me and even if you are at a loss – we always find a solution to make your day the most beautiful one. I look forward to getting to know you and creating memories with you.

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