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Wedding, Couple & Family photographer based in switzerland
There's nothing better than finding the ONE person you can't live without. The person with whom you can imagine everything in the world.
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My philosophy? I love what I do! Capturing big and small moments on your wedding day, when all the people you love come together to hear you say: "YES I WILL!" or the little moments with your family members, somewhere in a field, with all the giggles, hugs and kisses you soak up on the day. That's what makes me feel alive. You won't see me giving you boring instructions for old-fashioned poses. I'm more interested in authentic moments than perfect moments. I want to capture your story and the way you love, as real and authentic as possible. If you want to have fun, laugh so hard that you're in tears - then you've come to the right place!

Welcome, I'm JULIE

Behind the Lens

I specialize in capturing the essence of your most beautiful and precious moments through my lens. My passion lies in the areas of weddings, portraits, couple photography and family photography.

I have been taking photographs for more than half my life and I have always believed in the magic of photography, which allows me to create images that are not just images, but tell authentic and emotional stories that last forever. Being able to recapture the moment again and again is simply the most beautiful thing in the world.


Getting married in the riding hall

Jasmin & Fabian

Castle wartensee

Lorena & Joël

drinking hall

Sarina & Frédéric

hamilton lodge

the Experience

I am not just any photographer. I tell YOUR story! Why exactly should you book me? That's probably the question you're asking yourself right now. My answer is simple. I am not very different from other photographers. Are you wondering about this answer? Every photographer you have looked at so far has aroused your interest in some way. You like him/her, it's just a matter of nuances. And it's precisely these nuances that decide whether I'm the right fit for you. On the day of your wedding, I don't just want to be perceived as a service provider, I want to be integrated into society. To be a friend, companion and helper. I can also support you on your wedding day as a make-up artist, toilet attendant, air freshener, etc. 🙂

I look forward to getting to know you and creating memories with you!

Let me capture your unique LOVE STORY.